martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

Struggle for democracy, the motor of History

Protestors striping out a monument for the Green Book the
main guideline of the Gaddafi regime
First, my respect for the Freedom fighters that had died today and those days in many Arabs countries. The smuggled images of Libya recall me those of the great moments of History when thirst for Liberty overcome fear and repression.

Today, I realized that something has changed and we are in another stage. I want to congratulate that is clear-cut now. When people told me about radicalism in the Islam, I always evoked my personal experience that I never met any Muslim that was even worry about religious concerns, they were all sad and frustrated by their governments, as the Moroccan philosopher Fatima Mernissi repeated untiringly. And I hope that Samuel Huntington will never sell a book again about “The clash of civilizations” because this Arab struggle for democracy is teaching us that there is only one civilization that is Democracy and Human Rights.

I listened too many times about the supposed backwardness of the Islam but even one of the most recalcitrant Sharia advocates, Al Qaradawi have said today that the duty of people is to remove tyrants. The right of resisting tyrannical rule is one of the very basics of liberalism as it was pointed out by Juan de Mariana or Grotius. But it was never retained by the Catholic Church who did not even accepted under the Nazi Regime and pray for obedience to the Tyrants following the St. Thomas Aquinas that rebellion makes Tyranny even worst.

Other very remarkable thing is the though stands of the EU High Representative Baroness Ashton regarding Libya, declaring the end of EU-Libya Trade Relations. Also remarkable are the astonishing words of Trinidad Jiménez, the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, that few hours away said that “Spain reserves the right to take a further action”. I shall outline that it is always easier to do not support their uncomfortable ally than other more loyal tyrants of the region.

Concerning Western loyal Tyrants, the King of Saudi Arabia has offered more oil production in order to the stop the rising price of gas that translated to Political Language wants to say “I'm a Good Guy, don't let me down”

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