domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Something smells rotten in Western-Arab Relations

(I would use English for the very first time following some requests, sorry for the mistakes)

National Security has became the main issue in Western-Arab relations since 9/11 and that has been translated in the practice as a wider support for authoritarian regimes in Arab countries. I always denounced this practice because I considered both wrong and unethical.

Western countries had played a racist strategy or at least an islamophobic one. They thought about Arab people as incapable to govern themselves in democratic regimes. The first to fall was the super French ally Ben Ali, and France did little or nothing to support the revolution. Mubarak the good Israeli ally was the second and the Israeli government did support the dictator even when he was contested by the Egyptians.

In the mid time, Obama's doctrine about the Arab was to admit the guilt and to support the protestors but now when a closer ally Bahrain is concerned the things start to be a little bit more difficult. United States has a US army based in the island also we shouldn't forget that the majority of the country is shi'a a different branch of the Islam, the same that is practiced in Iran that it is characterized by a more structured clergy.

During those days we had observed a clash between Obama and Rodham Clinton. The second was bearing the classic realistic perspective of the US diplomacy against the new Obama's Doctrine that is widely criticized by the realist doctrine that was followed by the State Department.

We will see now the more important battle between this two branches of the International Relations realists versus liberals. I hope that US will start to care about everyone's democracy as they do for their own democracy.

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